On The Road with Halter Associates: Woodstock > Phoenicia

Two weeks ago, we took you down Route 212 on a tour of Saugerties, Woodstock and Phoenicia that included stops at a number of iconic Hudson Valley landmarks, including the Saugerties Lighthouse, Woodstock School of Art, Bearsville Theater and the Village of Phoenicia. Today, join us for Road Trip 02 to visit other popular sites in Woodstock and Phoenicia, following a detour designed for sightseers. 

As always, you'll be guided by our maps and our love for exploring the ins and outs of our National Geographic Traveler Top 20 Destination.

#MakeTheRightMove: #LiveLikeALocal on this curated expedition, featuring more of the top stops for experiencing the area's storied history, scenic beauty, diverse culture and internationally renowned arts, music and cuisine.

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On The Road #2: From Woodstock to Phoenicia, Past Overlook Mountain

1. Karma Triyana Dharmachakra (KTD) Tibetan Monastery: An interesting way to traverse the mountains, valleys and rural-suburban streets of Woodstock and Phoenicia is to start out by taking a right from the center of the Village of Woodstock at the Village Green. This road starts out as Rock City Road and becomes Meads Mountain Road as it travels up Overlook Mountain. The steep three-mile climb culminates at the KTD Tibetan Monastery, home to the largest golden Buddha in North America, often visited by the Dalai Llama. If you stop for a tour, be sure to observe the posted customs of the Monastery.

Karm Triyana Dharmachakra Tibetan Monastery, Woodstock, NY

2. Overlook Mountain: Park your car by the Monastery and hike up Overlook Mountain. Although it may seem daunting, the ascent offers plenty of resting places, and the vistas are well worth the trek. Keep your eyes open for the mysterious stone ruins of a Depression-era hotel, and at the top take in the Catskill Mountain views that span the Berkshires to the East, the Hudson River and Highlands to the Southeast and the Shawangunks and Ramapo Mountains to the South. Then, if you have the nerve, climb the firetower for an even greater perspective.

3. On to Phoenicia: After leaving the Monastery lot, continue along what is now known as Macdaniel Road, and make a left onto Church Street. Follow Church, bear right, and head straight until you reach Route 212. Make a right onto Route 212 and move up the hill toward Cooper Lake. Then, follow our directions to Phoenicia and, on the way, consider stopping for an 'art break' at Elena Zang Art Gallery (3671 Route 212) and/or James Cox Gallery (4666 Route 212).

Elena Zang Gallery, Woodstock, NY

4. Route 28 to The Emerson: After viewing the art on display on the way to Phoenicia, return to the path, following Route 212 until it ends at Route 28. Take a right, and drive less than a half mile until you reach 'the world’s largest kaleidoscope,' located at the Emerson Country Stores. This renovated barn, attached to the luxurious Emerson Resort and Spa, has a farm-to-table restaurant, Woodnotes Grille; clothing boutiques; a country store with local sweets, preserves and baked goods; and a gallery showcasing some of the world’s most beautiful kaleidoscopes. 

5. Route 28, Onward: Feel free to book a stay at the Emerson Inn, or head further along Route 28 to experience the bucolic Catskills views prevalent as you wind your way west on the same trail along the Esopus Creek taken by the Native Americans and, later, the Pioneers. Stop in the Village of Phoenicia for a meal, hike the Tanbark Loop near Parish Field, or head back to Woodstock along Route 212 — a drive accentuated by woodlands and winding mountain streams.

Hiking the Hudson Valley with Halter Associates Realty

Stay tuned for the next edition of On The Road with Halter Associates Realty, when we'll be mapping out an entirely new trip, this time from Phoenicia to Woodstock, via Platte Clove Road.

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