Hudson Valley Road Trip 03: Phoenicia > Woodstock

Two weeks ago, we took you up and around Overlook Mountain on a tour of Woodstock and Phoenicia that included stops at a number of iconic Hudson Valley landmarks, including the Karma Triyana Dharmachakra (KTD) Tibetan Monastery, the art galleries of Phoenicia, and the Emerson Resort and Spa. Today, join us for Road Trip 03: a stunning drive that incorporates a seasonal road (open May through October only) connecting Tannersville to the Woodstock/West Saugerties area, offering breathtaking vistas unchanged since the native people hunted and fished the Catskills.

As always, you'll be guided by our maps and our love for exploring the ins and outs of our National Geographic Traveler Top 20 Destination.

#MakeTheRightMove: #LiveLikeALocal on this curated expedition, featuring more of the top stops for experiencing the area's storied history, scenic beauty, diverse culture and internationally renowned arts, music and cuisine.

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On The Road #2: From Phoenicia to Woodstock, via Platte Clove Road

1. Stoney Clove and Devil’s Notch: Starting in Phoenicia, travel north on Route 214 toward Hunter/Tannersville, following the Stoney Clove stream as it winds its way into the heart of the Catskills through Devil’s Notch.

2. Beaver Dam Colony: Once you’ve traveled close to 10 miles from Phoenicia, start looking to your right for one of the area’s largest beaver colonies, with numerous dams and massive lodges that house a dozen of these adorable, primarily nocturnal, semiaquatic critters. If you’re traveling near sunset, you may catch them exiting their compound for the night, and if they see you they’ll slap the water with their tails to warn the others. Be sure to wear long pants and insect repellent if you plan to tour the marshy area.

3. Tannersville: At the junction of Routes 214 and 23A, turn right toward the vibrant village of Tannersville, where each vintage building is painted in the colorful tradition of the Victorian Painted Lady houses. If you’re hungry, don’t miss Mama’s Boy for their local-favorite beef burgers — made from the grass-fed Angus cows of JJF Farms, located a mile and a half from the restaurant. Or, if you’re vegan/vegetarian, try the falafel or mushroom burger with a freshly made salad.

Hudson Valley Road Trip 03: Phoenicia > Woodstock

4. Cold Spring House: From Mama’s Boy, “at the iconic Smiley’s location at the traffic light in Tannersville,” turn right onto Spruce Street and look out for #55, an imposing relic of a bygone era, once the 200-room Cold Spring House. Built in the 1890s, the now-abandoned building was once a borscht-belt vacation destination serving mostly Jewish guests fleeing the concrete heat of New York City. Today, touring the property is considered trespassing, but the ruin-porn remains can be observed from the street in all their glory.

Hudson Valley Road Trip 03: Phoenicia > Woodstock

5. Platte Clove: Continue along the steep, narrow road past the Cold Spring House, and then bear left at the intersection of Spruce Road (Country Road 16) and Boomer Road as it changes into Platte Clove Road. Park your car or bike before the narrow stone bridge, and follow the path to a stunning waterfall. Once you’re back on the road, cross the bridge to begin the steep descent down Platte Clove. At about three-quarters of a mile from the top, the road takes a sharp turn, revealing another waterfall cascading down on your left and a deep mountain valley on your right.

6. Return to Woodstock: When you reach the bottom of Platte Clove,continue until you see Glasco Turnpike on your right. Take Glasco to Rock City Road. Turn left onto Rock City and ride to the Village Green in the center of town. Park along the street or in one of the municipal lots, and enjoy a leisurely stroll past the art galleries, restaurants, bars and boutiques that make Woodstock a year-round getaway for nearby urbanites and international travelers alike.

Hudson Valley Road Trip 03: Phoenicia > Woodstock

Stay tuned for the next edition of On The Road with Halter Associates Realty, when we'll be mapping out an entirely new trip, this time from Tannersville to Saugerties.

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