While many people who look for Hudson Valley real estate are seeking houses, it's important to note that there are many options available through local real estate agents. There are many pre-owned houses, of course, but there are also homes that have been built on spec and have never been lived in. Vacant land is another possibility, and for some, it's the most exciting one of all.

Vacant land is special precisely because there's nothing already on it. This makes it ripe for a custom-built full-time home, ski cabin, or weekend house. Since the buyer is able to literally have a house built from the ground up, that house can be customized to meet the client’s precise needs. Ever dream of having an interior balcony overlooking the living room? Just tell the builder. How about a cable outlet in every room? Ditto. The other exciting thing about vacant land is that it is available in a huge array of sizes, ranging from normal lots all the way to multi-acre parcels. Because of all of these possibilities, real estate agents get many calls for land, and buyers will be ecstatic when they are shown the perfect parcel for their dream home.

Spec homes are another option that can be found through local real estate agents. With these homes, a builder developed property and built a home or homes specifically for resale. Many spec homes are built in planned communities, but some excellent ones are put in older neighborhoods or nestled in the woods. Buyers lean towards new construction because it’s move-in ready, and carries a one year new home guarantee.

Pre-owned homes make up the bulk of the real estate market, and this makes sense considering that people tend to move every seven years. All of that moving around leaves plenty of houses up for grabs, and buyers will find an array of possibilities.

Homes tend to appreciate in value over time, but the condition of homes on the market varies widely. Buyers can snap up homes that are almost new and in perfect condition, homes that are 50 years old and need a lot of work, and many exciting options in between. This makes it easy for everyone to find the perfect home for his or her budget and tastes.

Lisa Halter
Principal Broker/Owner
Halter Associates Realty