Hi, I’m Lisa Halter. My company is Halter Associates Realty, we’re an independent real estate brokerage located in Bearsville. We’ve been open since October of 2014, and have quickly grown to 16 agents, some of whom are joining me here tonight!

a)    what in your background/career got you to this present business

I spent over 20 years in graphic design and marketing in London and New York.  I’d always invested in real estate, starting when I was 18, but it was after my husband Paul and I bought a home in Woodstock that I realized how much I loved the whole process. I felt comfortable making the leap into a new career. I quickly found that my design and marketing background gave me a unique ability to promote my listings and communicate with…

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The real estate industry is a mystery for many people who aren’t directly involved with it. But if you’re planning to buy or sell your home, you need to should know these five things about real estate agents. Being more knowledgeable about the job of real estate agents will help you to seek out the best one, understand how they make money, and realize the value they offer to homeowners.

1. They Live on Commissions

Real estate agents only make money when they sell property. They don’t get a salary, a stipend, a per diem or an hourly wage. They only make a commission if they are successful in selling a house. That means that every minute they spend working with you to sell your house is unpaid, until it sells. 

2. They Have a Boss


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