A booming real estate market offers many possibilities for first time home buyers. Before making such a major decision, consumers should ask themselves if they are ready for a home investment. Ideal market conditions could very well draw people into a commitment they are not quite ready to assume. By discussing home buying options in the Woodstock area with a qualified Realtor, consumers can get a better idea if home buying is the right choice for them.


Purchasing a new home requires a substantial financial commitment from new buyers. Prospective buyers should be financially capable and prepared to make such an investment.  First time buyers will be faced with numerous upfront costs that include down payment, closing costs, moving…

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While many people who look for Hudson Valley real estate are seeking houses, it's important to note that there are many options available through local real estate agents. There are many pre-owned houses, of course, but there are also homes that have been built on spec and have never been lived in. Vacant land is another possibility, and for some, it's the most exciting one of all.

Vacant land is special precisely because there's nothing already on it. This makes it ripe for a custom-built full-time home, ski cabin, or weekend house. Since the buyer is able to literally have a house built from the ground up, that house can be customized to meet the client’s precise needs. Ever dream of having an interior balcony overlooking the living room? Just…

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Congratulations! You’ve decided to buy a home. However, home buying in Ulster County can seem overwhelming when the time comes to get started. Even after narrowing the field according to budget, style, and other basic criteria, there will be many homes left to choose from. Here are some things buyers should look for that may not be as obvious:

Neighborhood Noise Levels

It can be hard to determine how loud a neighborhood is. When you’re visiting the home with your real estate agent, listen for sounds that you may find irritating, such as barking dogs, road noise or air traffic. Another idea is to visit the area at several different times of the day and night. On a weekend morning, drive around and look for neighbors who mow their lawns at 7:30…

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There are several keys to a satisfying home buying experience in Woodstock, the Hudson Valley and the Catskills. This includes appearance, condition and location. The current owner also needs to meet the needs and expectations of would-be buyers, so it's a good idea for sellers to pay attention to what buyers are looking for. Here are some of the top points:

A House That Appears to Be in Good Condition

The emphasis on appearance is intentional - a house that looks great will fetch more buyers and more money than one that doesn't. This is true even if close examination of the important structural elements, such as the roof and plumbing, reveals that they are in the same condition in as other homes. When people see peeling paint, a dirty exterior and…

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