In NYC, $22 million dollars gets you a beautifully renovated one-family townhouse in the West Village which makes living in NY a special experience indeed. In the Hudson Valley take a look what you get! NYC townhouse - or Red Hook Manor? You decide.

Atalanta Estate, Red Hook NY / $22 Million - See Full Listing Here


One of the most important estates in the Hudson River Valley, in an incomparable setting with over 289 breathtaking acres and dramatic vistas of the Hudson River, this 16,000 square foot Georgian manor features a level of museum-quality details and luxury amenities rarely attained. Steeped in a storybook provenance, it was originally built in 1851 as the home for Franklin Hughes Delano and his wife, Laura Astor Delano on land…

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What does $22 - $28 million get you in the Hudson Valley? Unrivaled splendor, a property with a name and a fascinating history. Luxury real estate in the Hudson Valley is like no other, with stunning homes and grand entrances, majestic mountains and Hudson River views, and perfectly landscaped properties with horse stables, pools and ponds. Let's face it, you’ll never want to leave the luxurious comforts of your magnificent manor. Take a look at three perfect examples:  

Lightning Tree Farm in Millbrook, NY/ $28,500,000 - See Full Listing Here

Built in 1850, Lightning Tree Farm reigns as the dominant estate in the midst of Millbrook hunt country. A property of sophistication and grandeur, it is more than a is a lifestyle…

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It’s 6 am: the bedroom lights automatically turn on, you smell the enticing aroma of coffee brewing, the thermostat kicks in - the AC starts, and your favorite Radiohead song welcomes you to the day. Good morning! Welcome to life in a smart home. It's pretty easy to set up: all you need are the right gadgets. Here’s a list of five products to make life a little sweeter (and easier). 

So here’s how it works. First, you'll need a Smart Hub. 

Your smart home needs a command central, or a brain, that wirelessly connects with an assortment of smart devices and makes them all work together. Think Samsung’s SmartThings, AmazonEcho, Wink Hub. The smart hub is typically a small box that sits near your internet router and requires an…

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This month’s featured home is located in New Paltz, NY.  With 3,640 interior square feet, sitting on 4.6 acres, you’ve got lots of room to roam inside and out. And, if you are an outdoor kind of person, check out the options you have: mountains, lush backyard, wild meadows, and stone paths that meander through 40 years of professionally landscaped grounds. And, as if that’s not enough – this sought-after location is adjacent to forever-open State land and Mohonk Preserve, so you can add privacy to that checklist! 

Own a significant home in a spectacular location: 104 Butterville Rd, toNew Paltz, NY / $799K - View Listing HERE

But first....take a virtual tour of the house!


This 1770 Dutch barn has been…

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Move right into this beautifully designed, mid-century home, located less than 5 minutes from the town of Woodstock, NY. The house is on the NYC bus route just in case you're without a car for the weekend. Do you play golf? Great, the house is a stone’s throw from the Woodstock Golf Course. Sweet, right? 

28 W Hurley Rd, / Woodstock, NY $649K - See full listing HERE

Renovated and transformed by master European craftsman, down to the smallest details, painted in muted tones and shades of gray, this home offers an amazingly calm, stylish retreat. The 3069 square feet open floor plan has a great flow for entertaining, and is drenched in natural sunlight from all sides. The gracious living room has a wood burning fireplace topped with an…

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Gale Burbank tossed her successful fashion career in the air and landed in the colorful gardens of the Hudson Valley. With a passion dedicated to creating the perfect union between art and nature, Gayle designs high style, low maintenance landscapes that transform the world outside. Located in Woodstock, NY, her company Gayle Burbank Landscape, serves the greater Hudson Valley and the NYC Tri-state area. OK, time for the real deal with Gayle!


Lisa Halter: Tell us how you got started in Landscape Design.

Gayle: We bought our weekend home in Woodstock, NY in the late 70’s. It came with some small gardens and an 80-year-old local gardener who had worked on the property for 50 years. Growing up in NYC, I knew nothing about gardening.…

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