When searching for a new home, the possibilities may seem endless. In order to narrow down the choices, it's important to consider the size of home one needs, the mortgage one is qualified for, and the type of neighborhood one wants to live in. Home buying in Woodstock, New York is an exciting experience, and finding the perfect home is possible when you do your research.

Qualify for a Mortgage Before Searching

Finding the perfect home won't mean anything if you can't pay for the home. It's helpful to understand how much one can spend on a house before searching, and pre-qualifying for a mortgage is the best way to find out. When searching, stay within the budget parameters in order to find a dream home. It is never fun to try and stretch a budget to fit into a home, only to be stressed out paying the mortgage every month.

Consider Local Neighborhoods

Whether one wants to live in a rural setting, or a neighborhood that is more urban, check out local neighborhoods to see what feels right. Drive around and check out different areas at different times of the day and week to get a feel for what you like. 

Size Matters When Buying a Home

When you think about the size of home you need in order to live comfortably, it helps to get creative. While one may want everyone in the family to have their own bedroom, this may not be an option when considering budget. If there is an unfinished basement to the home, this can be looked at as future living space. If buying a smaller home with unfinished space is what is required in order to stay within a budget, this will only benefit the home owner in the end. People live with more space than they need on a regular basis, and it is possible to be creative.

When you are searching for a home in the Woodstock, New York area, there are plenty of home buying options. Remember to get qualified in order to be able to make an offer on a new home quickly! We can help you with finding reputable, local lenders who will make the process easy for you.

Lisa Halter
Principal Broker/Owner
Halter Associates Realty