This isn't clickbait. When buying, renting, selling or investing in a home, a commercial property or land, you need a REALTOR®, and here's why...

Why You Need a REALTOR®

Sure, you love Zillow. We get it, it's easy to use and has listings in your price range. However, while Zillow is a great place to search for homes,  if you’re thinking of buying or selling you need to be backed by a seasoned professional.

According to Zillow’s own Consumer Housing Trends Report 2017, 89% of today’s sellers list with an agent, “who serves as a strategic partner to guide them through the selling process and help get their home in front of a large audience of potential buyers.” Only 11% of sellers sell their home without partnering with an agent.

Meanwhile, nearly three quarters (74%) of home buyers are working with a real estate agent. “Buying is complex,” and “agents play an integral role in the home-buying process for nearly everyone, regardless of location, age, income or whether the buyer is purchasing a home for the first time.” As Zillow reports, “buyers view agents as trusted advisers who help guide them through the buying process and take the lead on contract negotiations.” Buyers also value their agent’s counsel on legal matters, as well as their insight when participating in private home tours. At 79%, buyers with higher incomes are even more likely to rely on an agent.

When selecting an agent, both buyers and sellers place significant value on local market knowledge, local reputation, strong sales history, and ability to find homes (for buyers) or buyers (for sellers). For most buyers and sellers, this means working with a REALTOR®.

Why You Should Work with a REALTOR®

Here are’s Top 5 Reasons to Work with a REALTOR®:

  1. We take on fiduciary responsibility. “That means you have an expert who is looking out for your best financial interests, an expert who’s contractually bound to do everything in their power to protect you.”
  2. We keep up with changing real estate regulations. “REALTORS® are immersed in real estate, and they must stay current with all the updates in regulations, laws, contracts and practices. Once you retain your REALTOR®, they put that knowledge to work for you.”
  3. We help you find the right home. “Browsing online is a terrific way to start a home search,” but “REALTORs® can share information about homes that you wouldn’t otherwise know.”
  4. We handle contracts and negotiations. “REALTORs® can help you navigate complex documents and craft an attractive offer that makes sense for you. Plus, when it comes to negotiation, your REALTOR® is your advocate and can bring an objective voice to a very subjective situation.”
  5. We follow a code of ethics. “In place for over 100 years, the Realtor® Code of Ethics ensures that consumers who work with a REALTOR® are treated professionally and ethically in all transaction-related matters.”

The Top 5 Reasons You Need to Work with a REALTOR®

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